Supply Chain Management & Procurement

We are ready to work with you to transform your Procurement and Supply Chain Management functions into a competitive advantage

Supply Chain Management & Procurement - Ege Engineering

For every industry, dynamic and changing marketplace is forcing companies to respond quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. You have to reduce costs and increase profit while mitigating risks and eliminating the impact of product failures and delays.

EGE is here to provide best solutions for your supply chain and procurement challenges.  We will strategically analyse your procurement and supplier performance and help you to implement business improvements. Together with you, we will embed value and resilience into your supply chain management.

Our team has deep experience in manufacturing, engineering, and technology. We have hands-on experience across many industries and international perspectives. We know the issues that manufacturers face in a rapidly changing world, and we know how important it is to react to these changes within supply chain management and procurement for supporting growth.

You can keep your overhead down and focus on your day to day running of the business, while we unlock the hidden opportunities within your supply chain and procurement functions which will bring you a great competitive edge.

You just need to let us:

  • Analyse your supply chain & procurement process and identify gaps in alignment between your company’s strategic goals and the supply chain processes used to achieve them,
    • We will identify inefficiencies at every level of supply chain, and implement changes to maximize savings and value,
    • We will design and deliver the optimised supply chain.
  • Identify and implement cost reduction opportunities,
  • Launch strategic sourcing initiatives and minimize direct and indirect procurement costs,
  • Develop procurement strategies to drive value and mitigate risk,
  • Develop contracts to optimise opportunities and minimise risks,
  • Perform key category spend analysis,
  • Conduct supplier risk assessment and implement a supplier risk mitigation program,
  • Transform supplier relationships into alliances.