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Either as an extension of your current design team or as an external resource, EGE aims to supply you with professional and highly skilled design engineering services at a very competitive price to suit your needs. Your design work will be carried out at our off-shore design centre, however you will have your local project manager-dedicated to your design project(s), who will act as a liaison between you and the design centre, govern the project progress and ensure adherence to budget and schedule.

Our design engineering service partner, Dheya Technologies is a leading engineering service provider headquartered in Bangalore (India), offering end-to-end product design and engineering solutions. Founded in 2017 by a group of engineers who have broad and diversified industrial experience in the design, analysis and manufacturing areas in aerospace, automotive and rail sectors. With its’ highly skilled personnel and their vast technical expertise, Dheya provides innovative and seamless engineering solutions for all product life cycle phases from early research and development to product phase out, in numerous areas of design, analysis, testing and manufacturing.

We can provide;

  • Engineering support for conceptual and detailed design,
  • Manufacturing drawings, as well as sub assembly & assembly drawings and create BOM for your products,
  • Engineering calculations and numerical solutions by using Finite Element Analysis to assess strength, fatigue, fracture, vibration response, creep and kinematics of mechanical components,
  • CFD analysis for aerothermal problems,
  • Prototype development and manufacturing via additive manufacturing with both metallic and polymeric materials,
  • Material testing and characterization,
  • Rig testing for validation and certification,
  • From one-off to low volume part manufacturing by using conventional manufacturing methods.


Our engineering analysis capability is backed by a team of highly qualified experts. The team have the competency in both employing hand-calculations approach and the numerical way of finite element analysis, thereby reaping the inherent benefits from both methods for our customers. We can address the problem in the first-time-right manner that can significantly reduce product cost by eliminating unnecessary over-engineering allowing to meet the customers’ exact needs.


Our experts have been working in practical application of CFD for over twenty years. The team have the competency in employing design mass-flow rates, pressure drops, heat transfer rates, and fluid dynamic forces thereby reducing technical risk when developing thermal and fluid-based products. We can optimize the product by allowing the customers adopt optimal design solutions at each stage of the lifecycle for enhanced reliability and performance.

In short, we offer you the expertise, resources and dedication to meet your requirements.

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