Manufacturing Improvements

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Manufacturing Improvements - Ege Engineering

International competition in each sector is fiercer than ever. Consequently, there is even a stronger urge for innovation and introduction of better solutions to everyday problems. In order to keep the pace, companies need to increase their productivity with a cost focused approach.

EGE’s manufacturing improvements service will help you to increase customer value, maintain a technical edge and remain profitable by deploying a wide range of Lean Six Sigma tools through its’ renowned DMAIC cycle. Our depth and breadth of experience in this area is second to none.

Main tools and methods we have expertise in can be listed as:

  • Lean Tools :
    • Process Mapping, 
    • Value Stream Mapping, 
    • Root Cause Analysis, 
    • 5S, 
    • Bottleneck analysis, 
    • Poka Yoke.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC),
  • Quality Function Deployment,
  • Design of Experiment (DOE),
  • Taguchi
  • Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA),
  • Non-conformance management.


Through our services, we offer;

  • Reducing process variation and eliminating waste through Six Sigma methodologies
  • Eliminating non-value added work via setup time reductions and value stream mapping,
  • Standardizing the work environment by 5S visual management,
  • Creating continuous flow using Lean tools,
  • Levelling workload distribution via Heijunka,
  • Continuous monitoring for sustainability,

Which will lead to increase in process capacity, flexibility and manufacturing profitability.


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