Experience You Can Trust, Service You Can Count On


Aerospace companies face a dynamic environment marked with;

New cost drivers; Cost pressures keeps intensifying every single day,

Challenging targets in service quality; Companies need to start thinking ‘Zero Defects’, not just delivering conforming parts, but also preventing any defects and losses from occurring within the manufacturing process,

Challenging delivery requirements; Customer supply chain teams cannot justify anymore placing more work with suppliers who currently fail to meet delivery dates and cause schedule disruption,

Technical innovation; Customers are looking for suppliers who can add value through innovative design, technology and services,

Last but unfortunately not least, uncertainty about market demand.

Our depth of knowledge and breadth of experience in Aerospace industry which spans over 20+ years, gives us the edge to fully comprehend your problems and challenges.

We offer:

Project Management service to support your projects throughout the whole project lifecycle,

Complete Product Design and Engineering services from our off-shore design centre for engine turbomachinery, aerostructure, cockpit structure and landing gears, from concept design to manufacturing,

Quality Management services to lead you to a more competitive level in your businesses,

To transform your Procurement and Supply Chain Management functions into a competitive advantage for you,

Manufacturing Improvements service to help you to increase customer value, maintain a technical edge and remain profitable,

Additive Manufacturing services to transform and enhance your product development and production.

Our perception is to become the thrusted and preferred engineering solutions partner for our aerospace customers. We pursue this by working smart and hard, while delivering high quality/low cost engineering solutions to ultimate satisfaction of our customers.