Logistics Management
As a professional services firm, EGE offers a range of business-advisory services aimed to help businesses improve productivity, reduce cost, implement new operational approaches and increase revenues. As a small firm, EGE can customize its services based on the needs of its clients and relevant to their market.


Provision of logistics-related consulting activities which includes evaluation, assessment, and implementation of new approaches to increase the efficient flow and transport of materials and goods from the point-of-origin to the end consumer. 



  • Develop transportation optimization plans.
  • Develop reverse logistics plans for surplus and product returns.
  • Conduct international logistics coordination, design, research, and implementation activities.
  • Review and assessment of internal distribution relating to order processing, warehousing and transportation.
  • Design, preparation and implementation of emergency-related “time-critical” logistics.
  • Review and provide recommendations on inventory management software programs.